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King Mindaugas Monument

Mindaugas was the only King of Lithuania from 1253 to 1263, a ruler who created Lithuania's statehood. The monument to him is erected in 2003 in front of New Arsenal that is today transformed into Lithuanian National Museum. The author is sculptor Regimantas Midvikis [...]

Karaites of New Trakai

Upon returning from battle in the Crimea, Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas settled the Karaites, both soldiers, and civilians (a total of 383 families) in a free area of the town of New Trakai between the two castles (the Peninsula Castle and the Island Castle) in 1398 [...]

Lithuanian National Museum (New Arsenal) and a Monument to King Mindaugas

Lithuanian National Museum (history & ethnology) is housed in the reconstructed 18-century building of the so-called New Arsenal. It holds the most important archaeological, historical, and ethnic cultural collections of Lithuania that cover Lithuania's history from the Stone Age to the present-day. In front of the building is a monument to King Mindaugas [...]

Presidential Palace

The palace has always been representational: rulers, kings and kings-to-be-Napoleon, Stanislaus August Poniatowski, Russian Emperor Alexander I, King of France Louis XVIII and others-used to stay there on their visits to Vilnius [...]

The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

The first brick constructions of the palace are from the turn of the 14th century. In the 16th century, Lithuanian Grand Duke and King of Poland Sigismund the Old reconstructed the buildings in the magnificent Renaissance style and designed the residence. The palace gained Early Baroque features after the reconstructions in the 1630s [...]

St. Johns’ Church

St. John's Church in Vilnius was consecrated for saints having the name John. The first church was built soon after the Christianization of Lithuania in 1387 [...]

Alumnatas Courtyard

The buildings surrounding Alumnatas Courtyard held the papal spiritual seminary in the period from 1582 to 1798. The courtyard is located in the Monastery Quarter of Vilnius very close to the Old Campus of Vilnius University and Presidential Palace (Prezidentura). Alumnatas (the Greek Catholic/Uniate) Courtyard in probably the most impressive and beautiful courtyards in Old Town of Vilnius [...]

“Republic of Užupis”

The artists' community of Užupis (beyond the river) district of Vilnius has its own "Republic of Užupis" with a Constitution and holidays. The 24th Article of the Constitution, for instance, says that "Everyone has the right to understand nothing". The district is separated from the Old Town by the River Vilnia on three sides, and by a high hill on the fourth side [...]

Sapieha Estate and Park

Between the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul and Antakalnis Cemetery there is a large plot of land with remnants of the 17th-century noble estate by the great Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Casimir Sapieha the Younger (1637-1720) who built a palace on this site in 1691 [...]

Church of St. Catherine and Former Benedictine Monastery

Church of St. Catherine in Vilnius is built in typical Vilnius Baroque style. It is a Late Baroque church once accompanied with Benedictine Monastery. It was built by the Benedictine Sisters near their convent. It acquired its present-day appearance after a great fire in Vilnius in 1737. The church has a rich interior decorated with stucco mouldings and artificial marble [...]

Royal Palace – Inner Courtyard

Inner Courtyard of the Royal Palace (Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania) built in the 16th-century Italian Renaissance style. The building around encircled the Inner Courtyard of 2,500 square metres and were connected to the eastern wall of the Cathedral Basilica by a roofed gallery [...]

Island Castle of Trakai

The castle, built on an island in Lake Galvė, is a unique Gothic defensive complex, able to be reached only by bridge, and which was never overtaken by enemies [...]

Gediminas Tower

Upper Castle (West) Tower or Gediminas Tower (14th century) is the only remaining castle tower. Today, it houses a museum and an observation deck from which it can be seen a beautiful panorama of the city from the 75 m. high perch. Gediminas Tower is a Western tower of the Higher Castle of Vilnius with an octagonal plan, stone foundations, and mainly brick walls built in the Gothic manner [...]