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Jewish Quarter (I)

Vilnius was called Jerusalem of the North since the mid-18th century till WWII. Before 1941, around 60.000 (1/3 of Vilnius population) Jews lived in the small, narrow streets, including artisans and merchants, who supplied products to the city and surrounding areas [...]

Courtyard of the Medical Collegium

Romantic poet Juliusz Słowacki lived in this house in the courtyard with breaks from 1811 to 1829. After entering the yard, you can see a memorial plaque and a bust of the writer on the wings of a swan on the wall on your left side [...]

Bailey of Trakai Island Castle

Baily (courtyard) of Trakai Island Castle. The castle was built from the beginning of the 14th century to the beginning of the 15th century on three islands: swampy areas were filled with rock and gravel in order to create one single island [...]